Lindsay Lohan Moves Into A Brooklyn Hotel In Order To Be Closer To Her Community Service! Will She Actually Pull This Off?!

lindsay lohan moves to brooklyn

Could Lindsay Lohan actually pull this off?!

Today, the Parent Trap actress is scheduled to begin ticking off her mandated community service hours at a pre-school in Brooklyn!

And apparently, she doesn’t want to let traffic interfere with her work — as she’s reportedly moved into the BK Hotel nearby.

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This is plausible since her lawyers initially defended that the controversial celebrity previously struggled with long commutes — since the 90-minute trip was the reason she was unable to complete her service in London!

Way to keep your story accurate, Linds! LOLz!

We’re sure pre-school parents everywhere are thrilled at the idea of the former wild child taking up residence right near the school! WE KID!

Regardless, we’re happy to see that the Mean Girls star is taking her court orders seriously this time around. Despite the fact that she has 115 hours to complete in less than three weeks!

Upon her return to NYC on Monday, the redhead took to Instagram and shared:

She seems sincere!

If the Freaky Friday performer works 7.5 hours a day for 16 days straight — she’ll be fine. But unfortunately the daycare is closed on the weekends and sources report that they’re trying to set up work for her at other facilities.

If they can’t — looks like Lindsay will be rocking an orange jumpsuit.

This has turned into one heck of a nail biter!!

You’ve got this girl! Know that we believe in you.

[Image via Will Alexander/WENN.]

May 13, 2015 11:07am PST

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