Lindsay Lohan Is Totally Doing Her Community Service & Here’s Picture Proof!

lindsay lohan reunites with donovan at service hours

Too soon to call Lindsay Lohan volunteer of the year?!

On Tuesday, the Parent Trap star began her court mandated community service at the Duffield Children’s Center in Brooklyn — and it seems the starlet is having a good time.

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The actress took to Instagram to prove that she’s happily working away at the pre-school.

She regrammed:

LOLz! What’s with the prayer hands LiLo?

Are you saying you’re feeling blessed or that you need to be saved?! Create a cigarette smoke signal if you need help. WE KID!

Perhaps the controversial celebrity is snapping pics in order to wave off any speculation that she hasn’t completed her service hours herself?

Nonetheless, the little tyke in the picture is 5-year-old Donovan, who Lindsay previously connected with during her Oprah Winfrey produced docu-series! Aww!

The Rumors singer’s rep stated:

“Lindsay has been and is deeply committed to helping children. Lindsay is committed to satisfying the court’s requirements regarding community service and has returned to NYC to finish the remaining hours.”


We’re just glad to see you working away like us common folk! We believe in you Lindsay — just keep on powering through those hours.

We don’t think Donovan would be allowed to visit you in prison!

[Image via Will Alexander/WENN.]

May 13, 2015 4:53pm PST

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