McDonald’s Goes HAM Promoting The Hunky New Hamburglar! The Burger-Thief Takes Over Social Media!

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Robble Robble!

Last week, McDonald’s unveiled new hunky human Hamburglar, and the internet has since been swooning over the thieving DILF!

With this immediate marketing success, it’s easy to see how the beefy beef-thief hijacked Micky D’s Twitter, aside from the fact that he’s a criminal mastermind.

The burger-napper’s social media takeover doesn’t stop there; he has also taken to Snapchat! Hopefully, he won’t snap pictures of any hostage situation in exchange for the new Sirloin Burger that sprung him out of hiding!

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McDonald’s also posted another commercial featuring the criminal slash suburban dad, which reveals just how hard it is trying to take over meat worldwide while being a husband.

In the commercial, the Hamburglar announces his resurgence but keeps getting interrupted by phone calls from his wife!

Even though he lies about his whereabouts, he answers every time homegirl calls! At least his priorities are in check. #MarriageGoals

Check out the commercial (below) to see the beefcake talking about beef!

[Image via McDonald’s/Twitter.]

May 13, 2015 2:37pm PDT

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