Kristin Schaal Explains What’s Wrong With The ‘Dad Bod’ Trend On The Daily Show! Bonus: Watch Jon Stewart’s ‘Mostly Adequate Physique’ Twerking!

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Dad bod has become a recent trending topic, where super-trustworthy internet studies have shown that the majority of women are attracted to men with a less-than-perfect physique!

Jason Segel, Seth Rogan, and Leonardo DiCaprio are all great examples of guys with dad bod — men who go to the gym occasionally but like to indulge in pizza and beer as well. (Sounds like a dream diet, right!?)

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This hot topic was brought up on The Daily Show by Kristen Schaal, who commented on the subject with the perfect amount of sarcasm!

The Bob’s Burgers star explained that the rise in popularity of dad bod perpetuates double standards and body image issues for women. She said:

“What a great day for men! It’s time society finally accepted that a man’s body changes when he has kids.”

The 37-year-old explained to host Jon Stewart that men didn’t need to be a dad to have a bod like one, as she tore up a men’s fitness magazine because it’s “shoving an impossible body image down your throat!”

Srsly, how did men deal with such unrealistic body expectations all these years!?

Don’t worry, moms, Schaal says we’re obsessed with mom bods as well — but only if you’re a celebrity “mom-shell” (mom bombshell) who lost the baby weight quickly after giving birth!

Watch the entire breakdown (below) to see Schall objectify Stewart’s dad bod and force him to twerk for the audience!

May 14, 2015 1:46pm PDT

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