Tyga’s Hardcore Partying Ways Are Getting Him Into Big Trouble — But He Doesn’t Care, Obvi!

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Ay, caramba!

Tyga has been running into some trouble within his fancy gated community, but it seems like the rapper could not care less about, well, everything!

It could be because the 25-year-old is renting, so technically his landlord’s a$$ is on the chopping block when it comes to all the reported ruckus Tyga is creating!

Or maybe he just has a DGAF attitude!

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According to sources within The Oaks community in Calabasas, the 25-year-old has repeatedly broken HOA rules in terms of outside guests and parties — he’s even racked up more than $10,000 in unpaid fines for his cuhrazy parties!

Although the Rack City rapper has been constantly hit with fines, it doesn’t seem like Kylie Jenner‘s boyfy is slowing down anytime soon!

Tyga has supposedly been paying the large amount here and there, but he hasn’t been taking any of the warnings and notices to heart, clearly.

Since his landlord’s name is on the mortgage, they’re the ones paying for all the fines, but the rapper isn’t getting off the hook that easily — his landlord is constantly nagging Tyga to pay for his violations.

Note to all landlords: have an iron clad agreement before you rent to Tyga!

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May 15, 2015 11:07am PDT

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