EXCLUSIVE! Astrologer Terry Nazon Dishes On Hollywood’s Most Enticing New Romance — Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris! Will These Two Love Birds Stand The Test Of Time?

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Taylor Swift finding love again might be the best news ever.

Ever since Tay was spotted holding hands with DJ Calvin Harris, we needed to get the deets on this exciting new romance…

So we obviously consulted our FAVORITE world renowned astrologer, TERRY NAZON!!!

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What are the chances of Sagittarius Taylor and Capricorn Calvin making it work? Find out (below)!

Terry explains:

“Try as they might to keep things private this will always be a very public relationship. Taylor’s Sagittarius sun falls in his solar sector of karmic pairings, making him melt in her arms, or melt when he hears her voice. As a Capricorn, Calvin Harris’s career and professional life are of the utmost importance to him, because no Capricorn reaches the top without a lifetime of hard work and intense sacrifice. Sagittarius is just plain lucky. There will be times when she has to stay in the background because no Capricorn who has that worked hard and sacrificed so much will want to share the spotlight with anyone, frankly. When basking in the solar light of a Capricorn, every Sagittarius feels that they have to dim their own light to get along and make the relationship work. In the case of a Sagittarius gal with her Capricorn guy, she will always dim her light to make him look good. It is a karmic relationship. They are inexplicably drawn together.”

Ohh, a karmic relationship?! Sounds INTENSE!

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We can also see how these two connect over their careers — they’re both astute business people!

So, what’s the downside of this pairing?

Nazon reveals:

“Still, it’s hard for any Sagittarius, Capricorn relationship to avoid controversy. Their relationship will always be scrutinized. What brought scandal to their relationship, will keep tongues wagging. Their relationship by nature cannot remain hidden, private, or exist behind the scenes. He can’t hide her, although he may have tried to. He can’t get away with much with her Sagittarian Sun shining on all his secrets and the hidden skeletons in his closet. He desires privacy, and she has nothing to hide.”

Ha! We agree with our go-to astrologer on the point that you can’t hide any romance with the larger than life Swifty!!

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Hmm, so how can these love birds survive the public scrutiny?

T.N. divulges:

“There are some very dynamic overtones between Taylor and Calvin, the 1st being a mutual respect, the 2nd being a very strong attraction. Both natal Venus’s are in mutual alignment with the other’s Sun or solar power, each finds the other beautiful. They are fans of each other. Both of them have their Moon signs in the emotional and needy sign of Cancer. They will nest my dears; they will nest, for a while anyways. They will share business interests and perhaps make money together. They both will invest heavily in the relationship. Let me clarify, they both will indulge each other with expensive gifts. He is a dynamo in bed and he will rock her world.”

Wow, Harris is a dynamo in bed?! Ay caliente!!!

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Unfortunately the couple’s dynamic sexual relationship isn’t enough for a happy ending…

Terry explains:

“In the end, their mutually respective careers will get the better of them and when he goes one way on tour and she goes another way, there goes the relationship. It’s a for now, kind of thing, not a forever happily ever after kind of thing.”

Oh well! At least the couple can enjoy each other’s company for now!!!

So, do YOU agree with Ms.Nazon’s analysis?

P.S. For more Terry wisdom, click HERE!!!

[Image via WENN/Terry Nazon.]

May 17, 2015 4:55pm PDT

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