Find Out Why Chris Pratt Is HIGHlariously Avoiding Kim Kardashian At All Costs HERE!

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If you’re a huge fan of Parks & Recreation, you probably already know the reason why Chris Pratt is trying to avoid Kim Kardashian at all costs.


In a recent interview with GQ magazine, the Guardians of the Galaxy star opened up about steering clear of the reality TV star, but that’s not to say the two haven’t crossed paths before!

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Apparently back in 2009, the two had a brief scene together in a film titled Deep in the Valley. The 35-year-old said of his first encounter with Kim K:

“She’d never really done an acting gig before. She was so fucking sweet, and she was nervous.”

Years after their first meeting, Chris ran into Kim on an airplane, but kept his head down — mainly because of this joke his character, Andy, said on the show that would later be cut from the episode.

The father of one said of the improvised line:

“It was a very, very funny joke.”

But, being embarrassed about the line, he made a request to not have that specific clip make it into the gag reel.

Unfortunately, the video surfaced anyway and became one of Andy’s most viewed moments online!

It’s certainly a video you watch over and over again to pay attention to everyone’s reaction!

The Jurassic World actor went on to say:

“So it’s really kind of a bummer. She probably doesn’t know or doesn’t care, I’m sure, but I don’t like to make jokes at other people’s expense, if I can help it. I like to keep my jokes about people safely way behind their backs. I’m a shit-talker, but if I’m gonna make a joke at someone’s expense, I’ll do it so that they can never hear it.”


Ah, well, what’s done is done. Besides, it’s not like Kimmy hasn’t heard those jokes before, right??

You can watch the improvised clip that shocked the cast HERE!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

May 18, 2015 3:54pm PST

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