This Leaked Suicide Squad Footage & Pics Will Make You Question Everything You Think You Know About Jared Leto’s Joker!

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We’ve seen a lot of the star-studded Suicide Squad movie lately.

Will Smith as Deadshot, both in Wild Wild West style AND full-on comic book mode, Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, the entire cast in costume even.

[ Photo: Will Smith Trying To Pick Up Margot Robbie On Set?! ]

But The Joker has been a bit of a mystery as conflicting pics of Jared Leto have sent fans chasing their tails.

But now we have brand new pics AND some leaked footage of a new scene that gives us our best look yet at what this Joker will actually be like.

The scene must be a flashback as Margot Robbie appears to not yet be transformed into the insane Joker groupie Harley Quinn and is still the misguided psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel.

But the real point of interest here is the Joker himself, who seems to both persuade Harley and smack her around — as per usual.

But what is his Joker like?? Things we can tell just by looking at him:

1 – The tattoos are real.

Sorry, fans who hate the inked up look from that first pic. But even here, in a more traditional Joker suit, those tats can be seen all over the torso.

2 – Jared seems to be having a lot of fun.

This is a good thing for everyone. Even when he’s at his most sadistic, the Joker should be having a ball.

3 – This is a sexier Joker than you’re used to.

Unless you’re into being abused (as the Eurythmics assure us some people are), the Joker usually isn’t much of a sex symbol. But when it’s Jared Leto, it’s hard not to notice he’s still kind of hot.

[ Photo: Jared Leto’s Muscles Are No Joke! ]

All in all, it seems pretty true to the comics — except for the ink of course.

What do YOU think of Jared’s Joker so far??

Ch-ch-check out all the pics (above) and — if you’re quick — the whole scene in motion before the leaked footage (below) gets taken down.

Suicide Squad won’t hit theaters until August 5, 2016.

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

May 18, 2015 1:30pm PDT

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