Posters Go Up All Over Columbia Calling Mattress-Carrying Rape Protester A ‘Pretty Little Liar’

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This is shameful.

Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz kicked up a storm of controversy by carrying her mattress to graduation. The art project/protest over her rape case has mostly been seen as a brave statement to bring attention to victims who are too easily dismissed.

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But some at the school claim that Emma is capitalizing on the tragedy of others — and that her protest is nothing more than a hoax!

Posters have appeared all over the Morningside Heights neighborhood of Manhattan to discredit Sulkowicz, calling her a “pretty little liar.”

The anonymous Twitter account @fakerape is being used to get the posters more attention:

Emma has not responded publicly, though other students have been spotted tearing down the posters around Columbia’s campus.

Emma’s accused rapist — who was found “not responsible” after multiple hearings by the university — maintains his innocence and is now suing Columbia as well.

No one has claimed credit for the poster campaign.

[Image via Twitter.]

May 20, 2015 6:06pm PDT

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