Homophobic Pastor & Family Man Resigns After His Grindr Profile Is Discovered!

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Matthew Makela was, until recently, an associate pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church and School.

As a married man with five children, Matthew publicly defended the “sanctity of marriage” by often pointing out the “sin” of homosexuality.

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He even compared homosexuality to alcoholism — something you’re born with but should never give in to.

Well, it looks like Matthew was yet another example of a homophobe who doth protest too much. Because it turns out he spends his free time on Grindr cruising for guys.

Thanks to a revealing report from Queerty, we know that Matthew at least claims to be a regular user of the gay hookup app.

Some of his messages made public:

“I would love to mess around with a Bicurious guy”

“I have a gf so don’t usually do evenings or overnights”

“I love making out naked”

“I top”

Matthew has since confirmed the Grindr profile and messages are his.

He says he has informed his wife and senior pastor and has resigned from his position at St. John’s.

We just hope he is ready to accept himself and start preaching a gospel that doesn’t involve the vilification of the LGBT community.

[Image via St. John’s Lutheran Church/Grindr.]

May 20, 2015 12:42pm PST

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