KFC’s Colonel Sanders Is Back… And He’s Being Played By THIS SNL Alum!

KFC resurrects Colonel Sanders with an SNL alum playing him in the new campaign!

Fast food weirdness is so in right now!

McDonald’s got in on the act with a Big Mac clothing line, Taco Bell took their shot at viral stardom with a dystopian chicken biscuit taco, and now it’s KFC‘s turn to take over the Internet with a new old ad campaign!

Remember Colonel Sanders, the white-haired (and white-goateed!) mastermind behind KFC’s fried goodness? Well, he’s baa-aack!

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Check out which SNL alum is now Colonel Sanders in a snarky new ad campaign now!

Never mind the poor Colonel has been dead for nearly 35 years — and according to a KFC spokesperson, the character hasn’t appeared in advertisements since the animated version disappeared in 1998 — lagging sales at the chicken joint have the company looking for the next big thing.

To do it, they’ve turned to SNL alum Darrell Hammond to portray the Colonel in the campaign.

KFC announced the decision to resurrect the Colonel on Twitter:

You can also see Hammond portray the Colonel in a newly released commercial made by the fried chicken connoisseurs:

The fast food wars wage on! After the Colonel, the Hamburglar, and more, what’s next? Will Chipotle and In-N-Out come up with mascots of their own?!

[Image via KFC.]

May 20, 2015 8:16pm PDT

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