The Top Five Moments From David Letterman’s Final Episode Of The Late Show!

david letterman top moments from final episode

David Letterman‘s 33-year reign as the King of Late Night has officially come to an end!

On Wednesday, the TV host signed off from his show, The Late Show, for the last time. We knew his farewell would be one to remember — but we didn’t realize we’d have to hold back tears!

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The 16-time Emmy winner made sure his send off was both star-studded and incredibly touching! AH-Mazing!

So, let’s take a moment to honor the top FIVE moments from the 68-year-old’s FIERCE last episode!

1. A farewell to one of TV’s best bromances: A lot of late night hosts have solid chemistry with their band leaders — but David and Paul Schaffer‘s bromance is one for the books. Their witty back-and-forth banter was always more than just scripted word play — they finished each other’s sentences! So we weren’t shocked when the late night icon paid tribute to his longtime friend.

He shared:

“My good, good friend ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ as good a friend as you can have on television, as good a friend as you can have in life, absolutely a musical genius.”

Aww! #RelationshipGoals.

When Dave joked that he and Paul would be headlining in an white tiger act in Vegas next month — we kind of hoped he wasn’t kidding!! LOLz!

2. As we previously reported, Dave pulled out all the stops for his final show — including a star filled list of celebrities to take part in his final Top 10 List. The theme: Top 10 Things I’ve Always Wanted to Say to Dave. He had Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Chris Rock, and Jerry Seinfeld, just to name a few!

Our favorite zinger probably came from the VEEP star who poked fun at both the retiring TV personality and her former Seinfeld co-star!

She quipped:

“Thanks for letting me take part in another hugely disappointing series finale.”


3. Letterman laughs at himself: What’s probably the most charming thing about the controversial celebrity is that he’s always been able to laugh at himself! Before he went off the air, Dave made digs at his teeth, the fact that Eli├â┬ín Gonz├â┬ílez wished to return to the states now that he’s left television, and even made one last side comment about never booking The Tonight Show hosting gig.

He joked:

“I’ll be honest with you, it’s beginning to look like I’m not gonna get The Tonight Show.”

You may have never hosted The Tonight Show, but you’ll always be one of the most iconic hosts of late night television!

4. The Foo Fighters rocked out in the name of Dave: One thing we were shocked at was how BIG of a Foo Fighters fangirl Dave was! Apparently, the rock band helped the stand-up master get through a particularly rough health crisis. The band appeared on his show when he returned from his medical leave — and again to play him off one last time!


5. #ThanksDave thanked his fans: He might’ve been trending worldwide yesterday on Twitter — but David made sure to thank all of the fans who have been with him throughout the MANY years!

He gushed:

“There’s nothing I can ever do to repay you. Thank you for everything, you’ve given me everything, and thank you again.”

In his final segment, he even remembered to praise his hard working crew and named EVERY SINGLE PERSON who was a part of his work family.

He explained:

“It’s so obvious again tonight, and every night, that they are so much better at their job than I am. I have been blessed and lucky to work with men and women who are smarter than I am and funnier than I am.”

Tissues, anyone?!

We’re certainly going to miss you Dave but we’re definitely excited to see what Stephen Colbert will do to try and fill your shoes!

We hope retirement treats you well — let us know if you want to go fishing sometime soon!

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May 21, 2015 8:22am PST

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