38 New Emojis Are On The Way! Find Out What They’ll Be & Which Celeb Is Excited For Bacon!

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If you could pick an emoji that doesn’t exist yet what would it be? A face palm? An avocado? What about a duck? And bacon, who doesn’t love the idea of a bacon emoji?

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Well guess what — the wait is almost over! In 2016 the Unicode Consortium — the company that standardizes emojis and characters across different operating systems — is giving us a batch of 38 NEW EMOJIS!!

Just like the rest of the world, Katie Couric couldn’t contain her excitement for the addition of a bacon emoji as she took to Twitter to send her message:

We’ve got the full list of the new emojis HERE so take a peek to see if your favorite made the list!

– Face with cowboy hat
– Clown face
– Nauseated face
– Rolling on the floor laughing
– Drooling face
– Lying face
– “Call me” hand
– Selfie
– Raised back of hand
– Left-facing fist
– Right-facing fist
– Handshake
– Hand with first and index finger crossed
– Pregnant woman
– Face palm
– Shrug
– Man dancing
– Prince
– Man in tuxedo
– Mother Christmas
– Wilted flower
– Scooter
– Motor scooter
– Octagonal sign
– Clinking glasses
– Black heart
– Croissant
– Avocado
– Cucumber
– Bacon
– Potato
– Carrot
– Fox face
– Eagle
– Duck
– Bat
– Shark
– Owl

Holy cow! We’re not sure what we’re more excited for being able to face palm someone with an emoji or all the duck puns we’ll soon be able to send! Which one are you most excited for?!

May 21, 2015 6:22pm PDT

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