Man With No Penis Says He’s Had Sex With Over 100 Women Who Had No Idea! Deets HERE!

This man has no penis

You’d think something like that would be pretty hard to miss.

But Andrew Wardle has been living without a penis his entire life, and somehow managed to keep it a secret from the women he’s slept with… and there’s over 100 of them!

The 39-year-old from England was born with a rare condition, where his bladder grew on the outside of his body!

Doctors were able to fix it and put it back inside of him so he could go to the bathroom, but he was never able to grow the crucial reproductive organ.

However, the condition didn’t prevent him from developing testicles.

Andrew will be at the center of a Discovery Life Channel documentary — aptly titled The Man With No Penis — which will chronicle his life as he reveals his secret to everyone.

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That’s right, he’s going to tell his friends, flings, former flames, and even his current girlfriend about his missing member!

Andrew also has a surgery set to create a penis with the skin from his arm. The operation is so groundbreaking that he could be able to have children in the future!

While things are going well for Andrew right now, with a supportive gf, and a promising plan, they used to be much harder.

He confessed that he got punched in the face one time when he told a girl his secret, and that he struggled with substance abuse, depression, and even contemplated suicide.

But now he’s learned to embrace his condition, and is much happier!

If you’re interested in getting a peek at his (lack of) pecker, his documentary airs on June 13th at 10pm on Discovery Life Channel.

May 22, 2015 4:22pm PDT

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