The Josh Duggar Scandal Continues — Jim Bob Duggar Didn’t Report His Son’s Actions For Over A Year?!

jim bob duggar waited a year to report josh duggar

Oh no!

In another disturbing turn of events surrounding Josh Duggar‘s scandal — it seems the 19 Kids and Counting patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar waited more than a year to report his son’s confessed molestation of several girls — including his own sisters.


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Reportedly, the reality star confided in his church elders for guidance some time after the incidences occurred. However, he apparently waited three more months to report Josh’s actions after talking with them.

Jim Bob shared with the police:

“[That] several members of their church were aware of the situation and had been supportive of the family.”


Rather than taking legal action, the famous family sent Josh away to a “Christian program” for counseling and hard work. What the what?!

However, it was later revealed by mom, Michelle Duggar that Josh was simply sent away to stay with a family friend for a few months.

According to a source, the TLC celebrity brought his son to receive a stern talking to by Arkansas State Trooper, Jim Hutchens. The state trooper is now serving a 56-year-sentence for child pornography.

It explains why he didn’t take any action during the the Duggar case.

When Josh was initially investigated back in 2006, the troubled teen’s parents refused to bring their son in for questioning. Say it ain’t so, Jim Bob?!

As previously reported, the case was eventually abandoned due to the fact that the [then] three-year statute of limitations had expired.

The father of three has since quit his job and issued a public apology regarding his past actions. Both his wife and his parents have publicly supported the conservative celebrity.

It will be interesting to see if TLC decides to keep the Duggars on the air after this MAJOR scandal!

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May 22, 2015 11:32am PDT

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