Montel Williams Reacts To Josh Duggar’s Molestation Admission! Read His Scathing Tweets HERE!

Montel Williams calls out Josh Duggar for being a hypocrite!

Josh Duggar has received the support of his parents and his wife following his admission to molesting underage girls when he was a teen.

But not everyone is so willing to forgive and forget.

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Talk show host Montel Williams took to Twitter when he heard the news to vent his frustration and disgust with the reality star.

The TV personality’s choice words about the 19 Kids and Counting star seemed to generate some interests from journalists regarding interviews, but Montel quickly shut that down:

But Montel wants to make it very clear that he’s not reacting to Josh’s admission just for the sake of reacting to the acts.

Instead, his motivation was actually to call out the fact that the oldest Duggar child claims that the LGBT community is dangerous for kids, in light of his confession about his own lude acts.

But he couldn’t explain everything he wanted in 140 characters at a time, so he also utilized Facebook to explain everything he thinks and feels about the issue, writing:

“Those of you on Twitter know where I stand on 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar. Josh chose his path – he chose to work for a bigot – Tony Perkins and his organization. He chose to make bigoted comments about├óΓé¼┬¬#├óΓé¼┼╜lgbt├óΓé¼┬¼ individuals being dangers to kids – he chose to do ALL OF THOSE THINGS while hiding the fact his father had essentially covered up Josh having, by his own admission, molested his sisters as a teenager. So yes, that renders him a bigot, and yes, it is appropriate to call him a hypocrite, and yes, a scumbag. Turns out the “danger” to kids is Duggar himself.

Thing is this tends to happen with those who are extreme in their anti-gay bigotry – they all end up learning why it’s a bad idea to throw stones from a glass house.

That he did this while preaching about Christian values makes me wonder if he has read the Gospel. If he did, he has a reading comprehension problem.”

What do U think about Montel’s reaction? Was it too harsh or right on the money? SOUND OFF in the comments!

[Image via Josh Duggar/Instagram/Dan Jackman/WENN.]

May 22, 2015 11:59am PDT

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