Gossip Girl Star’s Custody Battle Takes Another Major Turn — See What Kelly Rutherford’s Ex Says HERE!

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Kelly Rutherford‘s bitter international custody battle continues!

Earlier this week, the 46-year-old Gossip Girl actress petitioned the White House to get custody of her two kids — son Hermes, 8 and daughter Helena, 5.

They live full-time with Kelly’s ex-husband Daniel Giersch in France. Kelly claims losing their six-year-long custody battle bankrupted her.

Thanks to support from celebrity friends like Kim Kardashian and former costar Ed Westwick, Kelly well-surpassed her 100,000 signature goal for the petition, which requests the Obama administration bring her children back to the U.S.

Daniel’s lawyer released a statement Thursday, saying Kelly’s media campaign is dangerous:

“Daniel’s goal is to continue to protect these children and shield them from any media exposure, which is against court order. We are taking Kelly’s statements to the media very seriously. Her statement that anyone who brings the parties’ children back to the United States in violation of the custody orders would be considered an American hero, is not only false as this would be an illegal and criminal act, but it creates a very real and present risk for the children’s safety. Kelly’s statement that Daniel was deported from the US is false and should not be used to entice danger to the parties’ children. Daniel has taken and will continue to take all necessary security measures to ensure that the children are not wrongfully removed from Europe and remain safe, healthy, happy and protected from any such threats to their safety and well-being.”

Kelly has called the battle a “humanitarian issue” and a “constitutional issue,” even though a federal court disagrees and ruled that her kids can decide where to live once they turn 18.

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Whose side are you on?

Daniel’s and the court’s? Or Kelly’s?

May 22, 2015 12:01am PDT

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