Oh Crap! Flying Feces Falling From The Sky Ruined This Pennsylvania Girl’s Sweet Sixteen Party!

A Pennsylvania girl's Sweet Sixteen party got ruined by a surprise from the sky!

A sweet sixteen party should be one of the best birthdays a person can have, right?! Maybe your parents get you a used car or something if you’re lucky, and if you’re rich, well, your parents go crazy.

But for one Levittown, Pennsylvania girl named Jacinda, the party turned really disgusting!

With people swimming, laughing, and Jacinda’s father Joe Cambray playing horseshoes in the backyard, the sky literally started POOPING!!!

Yep. You read that right. POOP. Falling from the SKY. Gross!!!

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Joe’s sister looked up flight paths and found a few planes that had been flying overhead in the previous few minutes, so the family filed a complaint with the Federal Aviation Administration about the, um, birthday present.

Joe told reporters more:

“Out of nowhere, from the sky, comes a bunch of feces, lands on her. It landed on the baby seat that was here. We just got done with cake. Thank God. We took the cake back in, because within two minutes, something fell from the sky. It was brown, it was everywhere, it got on everything. I grabbed a hose from over here, immediately started lining things up to start washing it off.”

Airplanes are supposed to dispose of their, um, waste at airports, so if a plane’s pumping poop upon partygoers, the FAA needs to be investigating.

If you’re curious (and maybe brave), you can watch the video:

[Image and video via FOX29 Philly.]

May 22, 2015 12:36pm PDT

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