Russell Crowe Reacts After His Beautiful Mind Character John Nash Dies In A Car Accident

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Back in 2001, Russell Crowe moved movie viewers all over the world with his portrayal of mathematician John Nash in A Beautiful Mind.

Sadly, we’ve all lost that beautiful mind now, as Nash, 86, died in a taxi accident on the New Jersey turnpike, along with his wife Alicia Nash, 82.

According to police, the couple didn’t appear to be wearing their seat belts on Saturday when the driver lost control while trying to pass another vehicle, but hit a guard rail, throwing the Nashes from the car.

So tragic!

Crowe found out about the Nashes’ passing, and took to Twitter, saying:

Our hearts go out to the Nash family and all of their loved ones.

May 24, 2015 10:32am PST

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