Monday Night On The Bachelorette: The Boys Boxed For Love And Amy Schumer Pulled No Punches On Stage!

Amy Schumer saves The Bachelorette after a boxing date with a hilarious comedy club scene!

This season’s The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe is starting to take shape… kinda?! At least it’s starting to get funny!

This week, the lovely lady began to narrow down her hunky options, but honestly, who cares about all that?! It’s all about the drama and humor, right?!

Well, Monday night’s episode had a little of both, thanks to Amy Schumer!

In the drama department, JJ has probably become the season’s villain, at least early on, giving Jared‘s evil-looking face a run for its money. And in the humor department, Schumer made the show laugh-out-loud funny!

After a weird boxing date where the boys bashed each other’s heads in, Kaitlyn took them on a group venture to a comedy club, where Schumer was there to give the fellas a crash course in stand-up comedy.

Of course, by “gave the fellas a crash course” we mean Schumer “totally brutalized the guys for thinking they could ever be funny on stage,” but it was HIGHlarious, it totally redeemed the episode, and it was definitely more brutal than the boxing date!

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Watch Schumer work so hard at finding love — while calling JJ a turd (!!!) — in this clip:

Who’d have thought in an episode where the boys went on a boxing date, the biggest black eyes would come from Amy Schumer?!

[Image via ABC.]

May 26, 2015 10:33am PDT

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