Creepy Charlie Charlie Challenge Goes Viral — Have YOU Spoken To The Mexican Demon Child Yet?!

Have you summoned the Mexican demon child yet on the Charlie Charlie Challenge?

The Charlie, Charlie Challenge is taking over social media, and it is creepy, creepy!!

OK y’all, so if you’re out of the loop on this one, let’s catch you up: Apparently, there’s some kind of ancient Mexican demon child (!!!) that goes by the name of Charlie (Carlos?!) who teenagers are summoning with just a few pencils and a piece of paper.

All you do is split the paper into four equal squares, write ‘yes’ and ‘no’ twice each (once per square), and stack the pencils one on top of each other in the shape of a cross.

Then, start chanting ‘Charlie, Charlie, Charlie’ until the pencils start moving, and depending on where the top pencil points, either yes or no, you’ll know if the demon boy is present inside your house!

As fun as that sounds, um, could we actually not?!

But……. you probably won’t be surprised to learn that social media is blowing up with the challenge, and people are posting their results on Twitter, Vine, and everywhere else.

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As far as corporations go, Denny’s pretty much won the Charlie, Charlie challenge with this tweet:

And the contest has started to blow up so quickly, even local news outlets are getting in on the fun:

What about you?! Have you taken the Charlie, Charlie challenge yet?!

[Image and video via MyFox 28 Columbus.]

May 26, 2015 5:53pm PDT

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