There’s Another Human Barbie Out There… But This Doll Claims She’s 100 Percent Real!

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Angelica Kenova is the latest model to claim she’s the human incarnate of Barbie… only this time, there’s a slight difference.

That’s because unlike all of the other dolls before her, Angelica claims that she’s 100 percent real!

The 26-year-old Russian model says that she’s been groomed by her parents to look just like the plastic icon ever since birth, with her parents controlling every aspect of her life.

That means they monitored her diet, paid for personal trainers, and even made sure that she waist trained to ensure her 20-inch silhouette — No photoshop or plastic surgery allowed!

We have to say… Angelica does look much more human than the other human Barbies we’ve seen, maybe she is all natural.

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While Angelica does still live with her parents in Moscow, we have a feeling once she gets out into the real world, she can be anything she wants to be!

Expect for a Sea World instructor… Mattel sort of cancelled that line.

What do U think of Angelica’s toy-inspired physique??

[Image via Angelica Kenova/Instagram.]

May 26, 2015 6:20pm PDT

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