Katy Perry Exposes Journalist For Repurposing Three-Year-Old Interview!

Katy Perry fires shots at the reporter who re-used an old interview to create Russell Brand drama!

Katy Perry doesn’t do well with Legendary Liars!

If you start spreading rumors about the pop princess, you’re gonna hear her roar!

On Saturday, The Daily Telegraph ran an interview with Katy, where she said she hadn’t heard from ex-husband Russell Brand since he reached out to her about getting a divorce back in 2011.

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Turns out, that interview is actually from 3 years ago, and the singer is firing shots at the reporter for twisting her words!

She took to Twitter Sunday to clear the air.

But just in case that tweet wasn’t specific enough, Katy made sure the whole Twitterverse knew the name of the guy behind the gossip.

The Daily Telegraph has yet to respond to Katy’s reaction, but her fans sure have!

The Katy Cats have been targeting anyone on Twitter named Chris Knowles, regardless of whether or not they had the right offender.

We’re glad Katy is standing up for herself!

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May 26, 2015 2:58pm PDT

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