Black Widow Bite Hospitalizes A Woman After Hiding In An Item From The Grocery Store! Find Out Where It Was Stowing Away!

Spiderman Bite

This will make you think twice about what you eat!

A Vermont woman was innocently going about her daily routine when she was bitten by a black widow spider that her family says was hiding in a piece of produce they picked up from the store!

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The 21-year-old Colchester woman had to spend a night in the hospital after being treated for the spider bite. Even though she’ll have to be monitored for months, she was thankfully released Saturday night.

Apparently the the woman’s mother claims that the girl was just reaching into a bag of grapes when the spider made its way up her arm and bit her! Luckily, they somehow caught the spider and took it to the hospital with them so doctors could identify the culprit.

The grocery store where they bought the grapes is currently inspecting all of their produce and contacting suppliers as well to make sure everything is up to standards and is safe.

We’re glad she’s doing okay after her encounter with the grapes of wrath! We just hope there aren’t any creepy crawlers in our fridge!

May 27, 2015 12:16pm PDT

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