This Teen Mom Overcame Societal Pressure And Graduated High School As Valedictorian — You Won’t Believe How Much Money She Got In Scholarships!

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Trameka Pope had to overcome a lot during her adolescent years, but not only did she exceed expectations, she blew them completely out of the water!

The recent grad started her high school career off a little different than her peers — a homeless youth with a pregnancy before she even began Freshman year — but that didn’t hold her back.

Despite the stereotypes that go with being a teenage mother, this teen mom was able to not only graduate, but she was the Valedictorian of her class!

Trameka just graduated from Wendell Phillips High in Chicago this past week, and her outstanding grades and extracurriculars as a cheerleader and AP student earned her an unbelievable number of scholarships.

We’re talking over $600,000!

[ Video: Student In Wheelchair Walks At High School Graduation! ]

You read that right. Trameka beat the odds and, clearly, isn’t going to have a problem finding success in her life.

Congratulations, Trameka!!

Which college would U choose if you had over $500K at your disposal??

[Image Wendell Phillips Academy High School/Twitter.]

May 27, 2015 9:41pm PDT

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