Did The Duggars Spank Their Children With A Rod?? New Details Inside Josh Duggar’s Police Report Emerge

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Ever since Josh Duggar‘s molestation confession came to light, the whole incident has opened an entire can of worms.

According to Radar Online, the police documents regarding the 27-year-old’s scandal reportedly shows that the rest of the children may have gone through violent discipline.

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Within the report, one of the victims told investigators about alleged abuse by Jim Bob and Michelle.

As written in the police report released by the Springdale Police Department, an investigator asked about being spanked by the Duggars and what they used to spank with.

The reported victim responded with:

“they have a rod.”

The child then went on to tell the investigator that the parents:

“do this to all the kids.”

But this act reportedly left no bruising on their children.

Spanking to discipline children isn’t very surprising, but using something as scary as a rod would definitely raise eyebrows from everyone.

How scary!

[Image via Instagram.]

May 27, 2015 9:57am PDT

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