The Standard Hotel In NYC Under Hot Water For Turning Away Navy Sailor In Full Dress Over Memorial Day Weekend

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A sailor in full dress uniform was turned away from The Standard Hotel in New York by a bouncer over the weekend.

Yes, Memorial Day Weekend.

The anonymous Navy Officer was decked out in her all-whites trying to get into the Top of The Standard lounge with three of her friends who happened to be wearing civilian attire when she was told she wasn’t allowed in for breaking the venue’s dress code.

And while her white uniform was technically against the lounge’s cocktail rules, the sailor and her companions tried to explain that military uniforms trump all other forms of clothes — especially since she was in full dress.

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However, no one at the Standard helped the situation, and now the entire hotel is in hot water for disrespecting our service men and women during Fleet Week, of all times!

The Standard has since issued an apology to the unidentified Rhode Island sailor who is stationed in Virginia, offering to host her and her friends… but we think the damage is already done.

We get that it was just a big understanding since the bouncer didn’t want to break their company’s rules, but we hope this situation lets other places of business know that Americans don’t mess around when it comes to armed forces.

Do U think she deserved to get turned away just because she was in full dress??

May 27, 2015 6:15pm PDT

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