The Bachelorette Staged The Storyline Of Two Male Contestants Falling In Love With Each Other! They’re Both Totally Straight!

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This week, a promo for The Bachelorette got major buzz because it teased that two of the male contestants were falling in love with — wait for it — each other!

The storyline which was dubbed the Brokeback Bachelor seemed a little too good to be true — because it totally was!

It’s been reported that the contestants Clint and JJ are not in love with each other, and are both completely straight! Sources say that the two guys did develop a bromance in pursuit of Kaitlyn Bristowe, but “nothing gay ever happened.”

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Reportedly, both contestants are in on the event, and have even provided producers with soundbites to trick the audience into thinking they were into each other!

The Brokeback Bachelor event mutually benefited the show and the contestants. Both Clint and JJ are LOVING the attention they’re getting on social media because of the big gay buzz, even playing into the hype:

This is a classic case of queerbaiting, where a show’s producers tease a gay or lesbian relationship without ever following through (Supernatural fans know what we’re talking about).

So, if you were excited to see the two Bachelorette contestants defy all odds and fall in love with each other, then you have been successfully queerbaited by ABC!

P.S. You can see this bromance continue Mondays at 8pm.

[Image via ABC.]

May 28, 2015 1:44pm PDT

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