You Won’t Believe What This Teen Posted An Ad On Craigslist For! And No, Get Your Head Out Of The Gutter!

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Craigslist is one of those sites where many people look for illicit or illegal things.

But not Colorado teen Natalie Carson.

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The 19-year-old is using the local listing site in search of something that most people take for granted: a family. Natalie isn’t looking to get adopted — she’s a legal adult after all. What she’s looking for is a lot simpler:

She simply wants to have a family to celebrate her birthday with.

You see, Natalie’s never had a happy birthday. Her birth parents were abusive so she was placed in foster care. She was never adopted, and aged out of the system. She finally decided this year to be happy, and placed a “for rent” ad on Craigslist, part of which read:

“I just want one day to feel important and special, and like I really matter even if I don’t. I have never had a good birthday so I figured why not this birthday?”

She’s looking to “rent” a family for $8/hour and create some memories. So did she get any responses?

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And while her rate is actually less than Colorado minimum was, Natalie says she had several kind replies:

“It felt good I was happy, and I’ve been talking to one family in particular.”

Here’s hoping Natalie has the happiest of birthdays come June!

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May 29, 2015 8:55pm PDT

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