Vampires Beware! This Town Has 24/7 Round-The-Clock Sunshine And The Next Sunset Won’t Be Until When?!

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Talk about an endless summer!

The tiny town of Inuvik, Canada has had non-stop sunlight since Sunday, and it’s not ending anytime soon!

Due to it’s geographic location near the Arctic Circle, Inuvik is experiencing a phenomenon called “midnight sun,” where the sun remains visible well past midnight.

That would really mess up our sleeping habits! However, the 3,400 residents are embracing it, going out in the middle of the day night.

Ch-ch-check out this gorgeous photo taken by tourism manager Jackie Challis at 1:30am!

And you won’t believe when the next sunset is expected! Residents will have to wait until July 20th to see the darkness of night! That’s nearly 60 days of continuous light in all!

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Don’t be jealous, though!

From December to January, Inuvik was plunged in complete darkness — another result of its location!

Would U want to live there???

May 29, 2015 2:24pm PDT

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