Natalee Holloway’s Father Speaks Out On The Dismissed Eyewitness Claims — And What His OWN Investigation Has Turned Up!

Natalee Holloway Father Interview

It seems so heartbreaking…

It’s been 10 years since Natalee Holloway disappeared while she was on a high school graduation trip to Aruba. The whole case has been a decade-long rollercoaster of emotions.

Joran van der Sloot was the last man to have seen Natalee alive and is still the lead suspect in the case — though he was never charged of the crime. Coincidentally, he is in prison serving 28 years for a murder committed five years ago in Peru.

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A couple weeks ago though, it appeared that there might be a breakthrough in the case.

Jurrien De Jong came forward and claimed to have seen van der Sloot carrying Natalee’s body into a construction site near Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club. Unfortunately, the prosecutor has since dismissed De Jong’s account since the Marriot at the alleged location says there was no construction taking place.

Natalee’s father Dave Holloway has now come forward in an interview with CNN to talk about his conversation with De Jong, what he wants to see done, and how he’s never giving up.

Dave heard Jurrien’s claims regarding what he saw that night and wanted to investigate further so he had a private investigator, TJ Ward, look into the man in question. After the initial probe, Ward told Dave that Jurien had passed the voice test, so that gave Dave a bit of hope.

Based on this he remembers thinking:

“‘Maybe there’s something to this,’ but I told TJ, ‘I’m not going to get my hopes up…’

We had the opportunity about three weeks ago to go to Aruba and check this out and we did with a cadaver dog. We were kind of blocked in the areas that we wanted to do the search so it was kind of a failed mission I guess, so to speak.”

Mr. Holloway continues to stay determined to find closure. He also goes on to say how he doesn’t want this roadblock to stop him from what he thinks might still be a possibility. Even though the claims were dismissed, the hopeful father still says:

“I would like to see that area in question is searched by a dog.”

This comes because Dave believes there was some sort of construction going on regardless of what the Mariott says. Dave remembers:

“I was there on June 1, and there was definitely construction in that area. June 1, 2005, because it was all chained up. And that’s one of the areas we never searched because we assumed it’s locked up and secured at all times, and they have construction workers there on site. It was something we assumed that would never need to be searched and it wasn’t.”

It seems that Dave might believe that it’s not being investigated to the fullest extent that it could be. When asked whether he believes that the people in Aruba just want this story to go away, he says he “absolutely” does.

Regardless of if others want this unsolved mystery to be forgotten, Dave will never give up. He demonstrates the love of his lost daughter through his determination by saying:

“As a parent you’ll never stop. Never. I mean, your child is off in a foreign country and you want to bring her back home, and I’ve got the means and the ability to go down there and check and do it, and if I’m willing and able to do it, then I always will.”

There’s nothing like a father’s love for his child. Our hearts remain with the Holloways through all of this and we hope that they will find some sort of peace of mind.

[Image via CNN.]

May 29, 2015 6:06pm PDT

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