The Duggars’ Family Pastor Says ‘God Can Forgive Anything’ In Light Of Josh Duggar’s Molestation Scandal

duggar family pastor says god can forgive

What the what?!

It seems that one of the pastors close to the controversial Duggar clan is coming forward to share his support for Josh Duggar and his reality TV family.

On Sunday, Dr. Ronnie Floyd of the five-branch Pinnacle Cross Church in Rogers, Arkansas decided to publicly support the recently scandalized family.

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He stated:

“Everyone does wrong, and what was wrong was very wrong as to what was testified to and it’s completely unacceptable. But I’m thankful, whether it’s him or any other one, that I serve a God who can forgive everything.”

Hmm, very inneresting.

As we know, Jim Bob Duggar previously reached out to members of the community to seek guidance after he became aware of his son’s actions.

However, it seems that Dr. Ronnie was NOT one of the many members of the church who was initially informed of the misconduct.

In fact, he seemed shocked by the news.

He shared:

“All of us were surprised by the news because … their reputation in Arkansas is that they are a very Christian family.”

The pastor has served for over 37 years and has been with the church since 1986 — he made note that scandals like this one are a reoccurring problem.

He continued:

“Things like [the scandal] have happened before and will happen again.”

Excuse us?! Are you speaking in general or about your church in particular?

This whole situation just makes us feel icky!

To be honest, we’re not surprised by these statements of support — since the family is incredibly active in the church. Josh’s sister, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard were married in the church last June.

We’re still waiting to hear if 19 Kids & Counting has been officially cancelled. We’ll be shocked if they stay on the air!

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Jun 1, 2015 8:55am PDT

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