Here Are 10 Names Besides Twitter Fave ‘South West’ That Kimye Could Call Baby No. 2!

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As Kim Kardashian West announced her second pregnancy after the Keeping Up With the Kardashian‘s mid-season finale on Sunday, the internet basically has all bets on the second child being named South West.


Well, since their first is named North, you would think the couple would go with another unique direction-esque moniker!

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Whilst South is definitely popular amongst the interwebz, here are some other names Kimye could think about for their second baby!

1. West West.

“West” could be gender neutral. If the couple are against naming their baby “South” because, you know, airline, having a name like West West would be super unique!

2. SXS West — Pronounced as “South by South West,” like the popular music festival!

It was suggested by this clever Twitter user:

3. Wilde West.

People are getting creative and moving past the whole “South” name. You could even say they’re getting a little… Wilde. LOLz!

4. Beyoncé West.

Because, well, first of all, Bey is above all — and we know what kind of standard Kanyeezy holds everyone he’s associated to. Wouldn’t he want his next possible daughter be named after a queen??

5. Basil West.

Mainly because the name was derived from a Greek name that means “King” and every West is royalty, right?

6. Ece West.

If their second baby is another girl, Ece because that name literally translates to “Queen” in Turkish. Do we need to explain it any further??

7. Easton West.

Why not?

8. Lorde West.

They could take some inspiration from Scott Disick and Lorde, herself! Have you seen a more regal name?!

9. Go West.

The name would just be a positive one in itself. PLUS! His/Her family wouldn’t have to come up with like, a fun cheer because her name is already one!

10. Key West.

It’s a pretty famous place, don’t you agree? So, why not??

Jun 1, 2015 6:51pm PDT

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