EXCLUSIVE! Astrologer Terry Nazon Reveals The Fate Of Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk’s Relationship! Find Out What The Stars Have In Store For This New Couple!

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Bradley Cooper sure moves fast!!

Once we learned about Bradley’s new romantic fling with gorgeous model, Irina Shayk, we HAD to consult our favorite astrologer of all time, Terry Nazon!

So, what did Terry have to say about the actor’s latest romance? Will this new affair fizzle out like the 40-year-old’s last relationship with Suki Waterhouse?

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Ms. Nazon revealed:

“With exes waiting in the wings, is the hot romance between box office heartthrob Bradley and model turned actress Irina true love or just a rebound romance? The stakes are high with both Bradley’s career and Irina’s career on the rise. Neither one will let anyone nor anything get in the way of their success especially a trivial thing like emotions or love. A Capricorn like Irina have one thing on their mind always, climbing the mountain of success! With her Capricorn Sun and calculating Scorpio Moon, Irina’s an impressive combination of sexy steel and strength. Her planets reveal that when there’s no trust she’ll simply shed her tears alone and get on with things. It’s interesting to note that both Bradley’s ex-girlfriend Suki Waterhouse and Irina Shayk are both strong Capricorn ladies and both are foreign.”

Hmm, it sounds like Cooper sure has a type!! We can totally see Irina as a “strong” lady!

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So, does the Aloha star share Shayk’s aspirations?

Terry explained:

“The Saturn ruled Capricorn Bradley has a strong hold on his emotions too, and suffering unhappily in a relationship, being treated poorly or disrespected is not his forte. Both Bradley and Irina have high standards and options, lots of romantic options, always. They met on mutual ground, as two Capricorns will. Their stories seem similar…both had breaks ups with long term lovers recently and while those relationships seem over, are they really? Both Bradley and Irina will walk away, close the door, on the past and suffer in silence, until the emotions buried deep spill out unexpectedly. I suspect Cristiano Ronaldo, Shayk’s ex-boyfriend of numerous years, will begin to miss her terribly and try to make romantic overtures to her over the summer. A little bit a first, but by August in a big way.”

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Uh-oh, could the model be snatched up by Cristiano? Does this mean Brad could also get back together with Suki?!

The astrologer dished:

“Suki hasn’t given up by any stretch of the imagination. Capricorns never give up, even when they look like they have and they’re persistent too. Suki is waiting in the wings for another chance with Bradley for sure. The sexual chemistry is there and her planets definitely show she’s almost obsessed with getting Bradley back. She just might in November, but for a fling and not forever. When it’s over, it’s over for Bradley. With scandal looming large for Bradley and Irina in December, it’s unlikely they can weather the storm. Rebound or a forever thing? With the doors still open to heal their complicated past relationships, it’s unlikely this duo can survive romantically.”

Wow, there’s A LOT going on with this pairing!! It sounds like the couple’s exes will put the brakes on this sexy new romance.

So, do YOU agree with Terry’s analysis?

P.S. If you want more of Nazon’s coops, CLICK HERE!

[Image via Terry Nazon/WENN.]

Jun 1, 2015 2:50pm PST

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