Turns Out Some Advertisers Haven’t Pulled Money From TLC Over The 19 Kids And Counting Scandal! Details HERE!

TLC is still raking in the dough from advertisers who threatened to pull promotions from '19 Kids and Counting.'

We’re Counting the minutes until advertisers pull their funding from TLC, but it could take a while.

That’s because some of the companies that threatened to stop supporting 19 Kids and Counting, in light of Josh Duggar‘s molestation confession, haven’t actually put their money where their mouths are.

The following businesses have yet to cut financial ties with the reality show’s network: General Mills, Pizza Hut, PepsiCo’s Pure Leaf Iced Tea, Choice Hotels, and Crayola LLC.

In addition to not pulling ad money from TLC, they also haven’t cut off any outlets associated with Discovery Communications.

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In fact, the brand relations manager for General Mills flat out admitted that they’ve done absolutely nothing to follow through on their promise to cut off the channel, saying:

“We still advertise on TLC.”

While one of the sponsors, Choice Hotels, confirmed they stopped airing ads for 19 Kids, they didn’t comment on their status with the network as a whole.

We’re a little confused by the whole thing.

We get not wanting to lose an entire network’s worth of advertising, but TLC hasn’t canceled the show yet, so supporting the network — even without running promotions on the specific program — is essentially supporting 19 Kids and the Duggar family, if only indirectly.

So if you’re going to talk the talk, shouldn’t you walk the walk and pull your money from the entire channel, at least until the show is off the air for good?

What do U think?

[Image via TLC.]

Jun 2, 2015 10:33pm PDT

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