Surprise! Chris Brown Said To Have Been Major JERK On Recent Flight, Berating Flight Attendants, Smoking Weed, And MORE!!

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Sigh… will Chris Brown ever learn?

On a recent private flight, Chris allegedly engaged in some seriously rude behavior with the attendants, behavior he excused with this poignant jab: “I paid $60,000 for this jet, so I own it and everyone inside.”

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Sheesh! Can it get any ruder than that?!

According to an an insider, the drama went down after the flight attendants expressed concern over the crazy amount of weed the singer was smoking while on board.

In response to one of the attendant’s request to stop, the 26-year-old lashed out:

“What is your old ass doing here anyway? I like to have the help be people I’d actually like to f***.”

Ugh. We can’t imagine how awful it must have been to work that flight!!! Would Breezy ever want someone to treat his daughter Royalty, in a similar manner?

We guess CB must have felt remorse for his actions due to a since deleted Instagram post:

“There have been times where I looked in the mirror and hated the person I see. The world is full of negativity and I feel I play a part in it becuz of the choices I’ve made or mistakes.”

While mistakes happen, there gets to be a point when you must learn from your actions! We hope Chris really reaches that point one day!

[Image via Instagram.]

Jun 3, 2015 2:30pm PDT

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