Joel McHale Dishes To Conan On The Hopeful Possibility Of More Community & Fulfilling #SixSeasonsAndAMovie! Watch HERE!

Joel McHale Community

And season six is in the books!

Last night marked the season finale of Community and it couldn’t have had a more perfect ending, whether it’s just the season, or the end to the series!

Coincidentally, Joel McHale stopped by Conan last night and talked a little about the series and what would need to happen for a movie or even season 7!

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Community has had a rocky road since it first aired on NBC in 2009. It was generally the lead in for NBC‘s more popular well established shows like Parks and Rec. After being on the chopping block at NBC for years, and even surviving the creator and executive producer, Dan Harmon being fired before season 4 and rehired for season 5, the creative sitcom was finally axed by NBC after 5 seasons.

But the comedy has a huge following and fanbase online who rallied with the hashtag: #SIXSEASONANDAMOVIE. Finally, in the eleventh hour, Community was revived by the streaming service, Yahoo Screen who picked it up for what was their 6th season.

Now that this season’s over though, we’re all wondering, will there be a movie? And could there possibly be a season 7? Though Dan Harmon is off the grid after taking to Twitter and tweeting:

McHale gave us a little hope in an interview (below) and let us know he’s game for more Greendale adventures!

Jun 3, 2015 11:30am PDT

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