All My Children Star Jennifer Bassey Removed From Flight For Telling A Stewardess To Go ‘F**k’ Herself!

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Can’t we all get along?!

On a recent trip from New York City To Indiana, All My Children star Jennifer Bassey was removed from a Delta Airlines flight for allegedly telling a stewardess to “f**k” herself.

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Woah! Sounds like a lot of unscripted drama!

So, what got the 72-year-old so upset? Obviously something must have went down prior to letting the expletives fly!

According to Bassey, the incident started when a flight attendant admonished her for not washing her hands (the actress intended to use her own hand sanitizer) and allegedly not flushing the toilet.

The irate flight attendant then apparently told Jennifer, “don’t touch me, don’t you ever touch me,” after the soap opera vet accidentally bumped into her. Jennifer then lost her cool and mouthed for the stewardess to go “f**k” herself.

Unsurprisingly, the plane returned to the gate and Jen was removed from the flight. While cops were called for an assault, authorities found there wasn’t evidence for an arrest and the actress says she hopes the attendant in question gets fired.

Jeez, we’re sorry to hear that Jennifer had such a rough time on the flight! Hopefully her next trip is better!

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Jun 4, 2015 2:45pm PDT

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