Josh Duggar Molestation Report Was NOT Illegally Released, City Attorney Says

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During their interview on FOX News Wednesday night, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar repeatedly stated that the police report detailing son Josh Duggar‘s molestation acts was illegally leaked.

But that’s not true, according to the local prosecutor who released the report to a tabloid! Now, this gets a little complicated, so bear with us.

Josh was 14 and 15 when the improper touching occurred, but the police report wasn’t filed until 2006 — four years after the incidents.

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Therefore, the reports weren’t illegally obtained because the molestation case was NEVER sealed to begin with!

According to Springdale City Attorney Ernest Cate, by the time the reports were eventually filed, Josh had already turned 18 — a legal adult. Since it’s the filing date that is used to determine when a case is sealed and at that point Josh was no longer a juvenile, it remained open.

Thus, under the Freedom of Information Act, InTouch legally obtained and published the report.

While the Duggars claim the leak was criminal, it simply wasn’t. Meanwhile, they still think the media’s actions were worse than Josh’s:

Ironically, if the police report had been filed when Josh initially committed the acts in 2002, the records would have been sealed due to his age and the scandal would’ve stayed under wraps.

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We feel terrible for the victims — whom we now know to be four of Josh’s younger sisters and a babysitter — but legally the Duggars can’t do anything.

We just hope they’re going to focus on healing instead of extracting justice for a non-crime.

[Image via FOX News.]

Jun 4, 2015 8:13pm PDT

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