Could Caitlyn Jenner Be A Judge For This Year’s Miss USA Pageant?!

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As Caitlyn Jenner makes her way onto the national stage, speculation about a possible pageant connection is running rampant!

The Miss USA Pageant, of course, allows transgender contestants, and now we can’t help but wonder if Jenner will be brought in as a very high-profile transgender judge for this year’s festivities, which take place July 12th.

While she hasn’t yet been confirmed a judge, we’re told that the organization has reached out to her with an offer for this summer’s event.

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Not only does the Miss USA Pageant allow transgender contestants, but the subject has been broached before… by none other than Rob Kardashian!

In this clip (below), watch him ask 2014 pageant competitor, and Nick Jonas‘ boo thang, Olivia Culpo about whether she thinks it’d be fair for a transgender woman to win the competition over a naturally born woman:

What do U think — would Caitlyn make a good pageant judge?!

[Image via Annie Liebovitz/Vanity Fair.]

Jun 5, 2015 11:48am PDT

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