Selena Gomez Hints At Revealing Her Secrets In Cryptic Message! Will She Be Blasting Justin Bieber Through New Music?!

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The truth will set you free — and that sounds like it’s something Selena Gomez is looking forward to doing in the next chapter of her life!

The spotlight is always going to garner unwanted attention and a couple of lies here and there, but apparently Selenita is tired of hearing all these rumors.

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She posted a cryptic message (above) to her Instagram on Thursday with the words, “I want to claim my own name” in the photo.

Selly G expressed her frustrations in the caption of the photo and said:

“Sometimes I get frustrated when I hear lies about who I am. The Internet is meant to keep you “updated” but it just takes old news and freezes it like it’s now. You have watched me in pain and I’ve owned up to it through my music and actions. I grew up with you. I am beyond excited to show you the next chapter, the TRUTH. I’ve been keeping so many secrets… I’m reborn in every moment so who knows what I’ll become.. As long as I’m happy with me. #strongisbeautiful#healthyperspectiveonthemfools ├░┼╕ΓÇÖΓÇ£”

Does this mean the 22-year-old is going to be spilling ALL the tea when she decides to release her next album?? Speaking of which, when is it coming out again??

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Fans have been pestering her management for new music on Instagram as of late — and Selly’s team’s response did not disappoint:

“Soon. You will have a good summer!”

Yas!! If it’s anything like The Heart Wants What It Wants, we have a feeling her next record is going to be super juicy.

In the meantime, we’ll be waiting patiently to hear these gems.

[Image via Selena Gomez/Instagram.]

Jun 5, 2015 1:14pm PST

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