Did You See Riley Curry’s Latest Adorbz Father-Daughter Moment With Steph Curry?! We’ve Got It HERE!

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Just when you thought she couldn’t get any cuter… Riley Curry is at it again!

The too-cute daughter of NBA star Stephen Curry is pretty much the best thing about watching the NBA Finals these days.

LeBron? Stephen? Cleveland? Golden State? Wild overtime games? Meh. But Riley? YES!!!

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This time, the adorable tyke mimicked daddy’s chest bump and got him going before Thursday night’s game one of the finals — a game the Golden State Warriors ended up winning in overtime!

And we’re basically going to credit Riley for getting them pumped up!

Watch the adorable Vine of it over, and over… and over… and over! (below)

What’s that? Still not enough Riley for you? Well good, us neither!

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After the Warriors won, she decided to do a victory dance-off with some team employees:

Forget this whole taking-over-daddy’s-press-conferences thing — Riley’s next stop ought to be on Dancing With The Stars!

[Image via TIME.]

Jun 5, 2015 1:02pm PDT

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