Now THIS Is A Bad Day — Florida Man Calls 911, Hits On Female Dispatcher, Threatens To Head Butt The Cops & MORE!! Get The CRAZY Deets HERE!

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What’d U do this week?!

Whatever it was, you probably can’t compare to Eduardo Raoul Garcia, from St. Augustine, Florida, who had, um, a bizarre day on Wednesday.

Garcia was camping at Lake Griffin State Park when he called 911, originally reporting a threatening phone call he had gotten. So far, so good — but what he did next got him in the news!

The 44-year-old starting hitting on the 911 dispatcher and told her about his big muscles, according to authorities. He asked if she were single, and then hung up.

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Apparently he felt bad about that, because he called her back — twice (!) — and asked again, both times, if she were single.

Eventually, the Fruitland Park Police Department made their way out to the park to check on Garcia, eventually finding his campsite. Garcia was lying there with four beer cans by his side, so the cops nabbed him for public intoxication.

In the process, Garcia allegedly threatened the officers, saying he wanted to head butt them, and after he was placed in custody in the back of a squad car he spit through the bars onto one of the officers in the front seat, threatening the cop’s life after doing it.

Now that is a winner…

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Garcia is currently being held in the Lake County Jail on a $2,500 bond, which is probably a solid idea. He’s been charged with misuse of the 911 system (it turns out you can’t hit on 911 dispatchers), and battery on a law enforcement officer.

So what’d we learn today? Don’t call 911 looking for a date, don’t threaten to headbutt — or kill — a cop, and definitely don’t spit on a police officer.

If you can avoid those three things, you’re probably doing pretty well!

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Jun 6, 2015 11:14pm PDT

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