Need A Study Break? Find Out Which Six Second Videos Made It On Our Top 10 Vines Of The Week List!

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Ah, finals season.

You have your slackers and then you have those who are just trying to study as much as they can to pass the test.

Well, we’re probably not helping, but if you’ve been studying hard and need to take a little break, maybe peruse through our Top 10 Vines of the Week!


Either you’ll find some inspiration to keep studying or you can just procrastinate. It’s the weekend anyway. 😛

Ch-ch-check out our Top 10 Vines of the Week (below)!

10. Hm. If we were to merge some hair and a stylist together… do you think we’d get Harry Styles?

9. Doin’ it for the Vine.

8. When old songs start playing on your phone/iPod and you haven’t heard them in forever!

7. Mornings in general.

6. Husbands. LOLz!

5. Time for bed really means, “time to continue going on social media sites on the phone.”

4. Shoutout to the mailman for getting our packages to us!

3. How is this ONLY six seconds long??

2. Summertime truthness.

1. We all have that one friend…

Jun 6, 2015 1:01pm PDT

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