The Duggars Have Mysteriously Vanished From Mike Huckabee’s Campaign Website! Does The Presidential Hopeful Regret His Support Of The Controversial Family?!

mike huckabee removes the duggars from website

Well, here’s another blow for The Duggars!

On Monday, it was reported that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were removed from the campaign website of 2016 Presidential hopeful, Mike Huckabee! Whoa!

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ICYMI: The conservative politician was one of the few celebrities that publicly defended the Duggars when the scandal broke of their son’s molestation past. However, it seems the candidate is now distancing himself from the TLC family.

The removal of the pics followed the family’s controversial chat with Fox‘s Megyn Kelly last Monday.

But last week, it still seemed the former Arkansas Governor was interested in the family joining his campaign trail.

When asked if the Duggars would accompany him, he shared:

“I don’t know, it will be up to them. Ask them I don’t know.”

That’s not a no!

However, in the past seven days, a speech of the Governor’s that criticized the transgender community has recently come to light. The speech was made back in February, but since Caitlyn Jenner‘s public transition — the politician’s sentiments are now under scrutiny.

Perhaps, the 59-year-old is trying to wipe the slate clean and remain neutral on pop culture news?! Yeah, we doubt it too.

Nonetheless, Huckabee’s communications director Alice Stewart conveyed that the endorsements bar on the site was always intended to be updated on a monthly basis.

Hmm, very inneresting!

Still, we’re shocked by the lack of Duggar presence — since the large clan has endorsed the Republican candidate since his initial run back in 2008.

We don’t think the Duggar’s involvement in Huckabee’s campaign is quite over! But we guess only time will tell!

[Image via FOX/WENN/Carrie Devorah.]

Jun 8, 2015 3:20pm PDT

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