Jurassic World Star Bryce Dallas Howard Lets You Know She’s NOT Doppelg├â┬ñnger Jessica Chastain In The Most Hilarious Way EVER! WATCH!

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Who knew Bryce Dallas Howard was so funny?!

On June 8, a video surfaced of Bryce, who will star in Jurassic World this summer, making fun of the fact that she’s often mistaken for her doppelg├â┬ñnger, Jessica Chastain.

Granted, while the two look A LOT alike… they’re NOT the same person or related in any way!!

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What’s even more hilarious about the actress’ Dubsmash is that Jessica herself shared the awesome PSA on her Instagram! It’s so cool that both of these gorgeous ladies are in on the joke!

So, without further ado… watch Bryce break it down for you (below)!

Everyone get it yet? : ) performance by #BryceDallasHoward not #JessicaChastainA video posted by Jessica Chastain (@chastainiac) on Jun 8, 2015 at 11:46pm PDT

Tell em’, Bryce!! Even though it must be irritating to constantly be mistaken for someone else (we’re looking at you Jessica Lange!), it’s refreshing to see the actress have such a great sense of humor about the situation.Chastain also made reference to the look-a-like issue with her own post… check out the silliness (below)!

True story. #BryceDallasHoward is in #JurassicWorldA photo posted by Jessica Chastain (@chastainiac) on May 31, 2015 at 2:57pm PDT

Wow, we can’t imagine what working as co-stars in The Help must’ve been like! Luckily Jess was a blonde in the flick which made things a TAD easier!

Nice work, ladies!

[Image via Instagram/WENN.]

Jun 9, 2015 3:19pm PDT

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