Caitlyn Jenner Transition Creating Unrealistic Ideals For Transgender Community?! Get The Story On What Some Are Claiming HERE!

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Well you can’t make everyone happy.

There has been a HUGE amount of support from all sorts of communities regarding Caitlyn Jenner‘s transition following her Vanity Fair spread. But that doesn’t mean that everyone – even everyone in the transgender community – agrees with it.

Zoey Tur, an Inside Edition trans correspondent who hosts KFI radio talk show said, “Caitlyn Jenner is just Kardashian 2.0.” Going on to state that:

“I’ve received well over 100 messages from trans women who said they didn’t want to transition anymore because they feel that they can never live up to the Caitlyn Jenner ideal.”

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Not only is it Jenner’s lifestyle and fame but it appears to also be because of the the way in which the Vanity Fair shoot was done. For one, it was shot by Annie Leibovitz, a world-renowned photographer, and it also had Jenner in designer clothes and was shot against a multimillion-dollar Malibu backdrop.

Tur went on to say of the shoot:

“Trans women are feeling that the sexualized photos are actually a fetishized version of what men believe women should look like. It’s an unattainable stereotype that will have a reverse effect on trans people.”

She’s not the only one speaking out either. George Moll, an executive producer of a transgender docu-series, Becoming Us, which airs Monday, said:

“Caitlyn is still very much kind of an out of reach Hollywood icon who doesn’t have to spare any expense to look absolutely marvelous.”

Perhaps they both bring up a great point, but Casey Weitzman, who’s a licensed therapist and president of Gender Wellness of Los Angeles, still sees it as a “great thing” and ultimately:

“…[it’s getting] people to have a conversation about it, whether they like the story or not. People at the watercooler are talking about it. Caitlyn is going to help move the cause forward.”

Clearly that type of lifestyle just simply isn’t attainable to most people, but we still think that Caitlyn’s candidness is a major step in the right direction toward getting the conversation started, which she has done that in a BIG way.


[Image via Annie Liebovitz/Vanity Fair.]

Jun 9, 2015 10:05am PDT

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