Liposuction?! Not Even! Khloe Kardashian Goes OFF On ‘Insiders’ Accusing Her Of Having Work Done!

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Don’t ever say Khloe Kardashian doesn’t defend herself!

The reality beauty is on Twitter blowing up liposuction rumors dropped in a recent report by an unnamed “insider,” and she’s not holding back!

Khloe’s been tweeting her displeasure all morning:

Girl, PREACH!!!

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The reaction comes from a Monday report detailing alleged liposuction work that Khloe has had done, with the insider saying:

“Khloe got serious lipo done on her waistline, tummy and legs over three months ago. … She’s also looking into having her butt reduced in size because now it looks out of proportion to her new small frame. She’s tired of looking enormous next to her younger sisters and is happy to step aside and let Kim take the family butt crown. She looks great and is finally feeling very positive about her body image.”

Um, WHOA! That is some serious shade, Khlo, we do not blame you at all for throwin’ it back on Twitter!

Whatever is going on, Khloe is hot and she needs to keep tweeting that fiyah!

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Jun 9, 2015 1:33pm PST

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