Nanny For The Queen of Versailles‘ Family Opens Up About Victoria’s Death — Her Life, Memories, And Reveals She Died Alone

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This is incredibly sad

Over the weekend, Victoria Siegel was found dead in the home of her parents, stars of Queen of Versailles David and Jackie Siegel. Shortly after, a representative for the family released a statement regarding the sudden death and mentioned that the 18-year-old had struggled with an addiction to prescription medicine.

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Today, Daily Mail got exclusive statements from the nanny, Virginia Nebab, who confirmed that Victoria died home alone with no family around. Nebab talks about her experience regarding the death, as well as her favorite cherished memory of the girl she took care of for so long.

The nanny says that in the past few weeks, Victoria had become increasingly distant from her family and because of this, she chose to remain at home while the rest of her family went to visit Park City, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nebab recalls:

The last time I speak to her on the phone she said, ‘Goodbye I love you.’ That’s what she was like, so loving. But she didn’t want to come with us so we left her at home when we went to Las Vegas last Thursday and Park City. There was only one nanny in the house with her when it happened.

She goes on to say that when the family received the heartbreaking phone call, they were a wreck and flew straight back to Florida. She says:

It was a horrible journey. They were all screaming and crying. It is too hard for me to talk about. They loved her so much.

Nebab also recollects Victoria’s demeanor, fondly remembering:

I have the little children to look after too and she wanted to do everything for herself. You want to wash her clothes she say, ‘No. I’ll do it.’ You want to make her food. She say, ‘No I make it.’ And she was so quiet. Before she was always smiling and would say ‘hello’ to me in the kitchen. ‘She wanted to live her own life her own way.

The two were quite close as you can imagine a nanny would be after raising a child for so many years. She says that her favorite memory of Victoria was when:

When she was a little girl, from age two to six, she didn’t sleep in her own bed. She was afraid. She would sleep in my bed with me. Her father told me not to, to put her in her own bed but she would cry and cry, ‘Daddy please!’ and he would say, ‘Okay.’ Now we can never see her anymore that will always be in my mind.

It wasn’t until recently that the Siegels, David and Jackie appeared on an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap along with Jeremy London and Juliet Reeves London that Jackie actually admitted that they spend very little time with their eight children who are mainly looked after by their large staff.

But Nebab came to the Siegel’s defense in regards to this and actually says:

If the kids got sick it was Mr. and Mrs. Siegel who take them to the doctor, not us.

The nanny had a very close connection to Victoria and she was a great loss to her as well saying:

I loved her like my child.

We can’t imagine the pain that this family is going through at this time but we’re wishing them the best.

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Jun 9, 2015 2:30pm PDT

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