The Three Stooges Is Coming Back To The Screen — With An Animated Version!

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The godfathers of comedy are back!

Larry, Moe, and Curly will return to the small screen in a brand new The Three Stooges re-boot, and the cartoons are going global!

An entertainment company called Cake is partnering with Titmouse, the animation house behind things like Turbo FAST, as well as C3, the team that owns the Stooges estate and likeness.

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That group is launching their product to potential buyers soon, looking for a home for the classic cartoons!

According to reports, Titmouse is going to produce 52 eleven-minute animated segments, which will apparently have very limited dialogue – meaning they can be used all across the world with very few production changes!

Christy Karacas, who’s also behind things like Adult Swim’s Superjail!, will direct the pilot segment.

Titmouse president Chris Prynoski said of the announcement:

“I grew up watching The Three Stooges with my father. When I signed on to helm this new show, I made a blood oath to my Dad that I would treat the Stooges brand like it was a newborn baby Faberg├â┬⌐ egg. With the cartoon making team we have lined up at Titmouse, it’s sure to be the most batty, bananas, insanely giggle-inducing version of the Three Stooges your eyeballs and brainhole have ever experienced. Dad, I won’t let you down!”

If you’ve never seen The Three Stooges before, this animated series is going to be a great opportunity to get to know some of the most long-lasting and standard comedy bits ever!

[Image via Titmouse.]

Jun 9, 2015 4:25pm PDT

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